29 December 2009


She just two years younger than me
Her name is very beautiful
As nice as ummul mukminin
Siti Khadijah...
She is more smarter than me
She is more matured rather than me
Some people might ask:
"Which one come first? You or she?"
We went to the same school nearest our house
Teachers at the school keep on changing my name with her
Sometimes, they called her name when they look at me
I smile alone... heeeee
Then I continue reading the text
I think, people know her first then they noticed me...
She is an outspoken person
But deep in my heart say, she's a kind person
People rarely love with someone who is very strict, direct to the point
I like to hear her opinion or ideas
When others agree with me, she's the one who say 'no' with my decision
When people say 'You can't do that...', she's the one who stay by my side
'Just do it, laa...'
One thing that I learned from her,
'Be friendly with person you meet...'
She able to cope with person who is older than her
She affected my life, in that case...

Yesterday the process run differ from the public institution
It really touch my heart
But I must look cool and calm...
I must inspired her so that she won't feel unhappy and upset
'Yeahh! Be strong Khadijah...'
We meet and leave because of ALLAH
I always pray the best for you
I know that ALLAH will guide you as long as you never forget HIM...
Please take care of yourself
You are far away from mak and ayah...
Just focus and give a new hope in your life.

Best regards,
GreenTree (^_^)


~naddy~ said...

salam cik pokok hijau.hehe!~cik khadijah kita dah p sana ka?..hmm, takpa, dia kalau tauk mana pun, bleh idop punya..hehe!~

PokokHijau said...

Assalamu'alaikum, kak... oupsss, miss naddy =p Thanks for your view... yup, dia dah p sana... tinggalkan daku keseorangan. huwaaaaa =(