14 August 2009


In The Name Of ALLAH... The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

Early this morning, around 5.30 a.m, I got a message from my brother in law. He said a baby boy had born. Both of the baby and the mother are safe. ALHAMDULILLAH. One thing special is he born on Friday, the holy day for muslims. I ask my brother what is the name of the baby but he refuse to answer and said it is surprise... Just wait... [Then, my brother told the baby's name is Muhammad Haiqal Falias Tatiunis; son of Mohd Amiezan and Siti Noor Hazilah Maarop].

Therefore, my beloved mother and father; Bonda Siti Salhah bt Isa and Ayahanda Maarop b. Ishak will go to Rawang by bus this noon. Hope they will have a safe journey. Mak and ayah will have 4 grandsons and I will have 4 nephews. =D

Mrs. Hazilah and Mr. Amiezan with the nephews, Adam Irfan (right) & Adi Farhan (left).


*Welcome to the world, my son. (^_^)

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